Elvers from the river Ter

One of the most exquisite delicacies in the world

The River Ter elver is considered one of our gastronomy’s most delicious dishes. Many Michelin-starred restaurants in Catalonia confirm this, incorporating it into their culinary repertoire.

Our chef Joan Mitjo is one of the five licensed elver fishermen in Gola del Ter, and has two nurseries, one freshwater and one saltwater. For this reason, the Picasso Restaurant is one of the few establishments in the country is where you can find freshly caught live elvers.

Fishing for elvers at the mouth of the River Ter is a tradition that dates back to the arrival of a number of Valencians in the Emporda during the last century. Every year since then, from October until March, elver fishing is carried out in the traditional way.
The elvers come from the Sargasso Sea in the Gulf of Mexico. After a long journey, the elvers arrive with a weight of between 1 or 2 grams and measuring between 5 and 8 centimetres.
In the peak season, we have live and fresh elvers to sell or to taste in the different dishes offered on the restaurant’s menu. Served at an unbeatable price, it is our establishment’s flagship product. If you come between the months of October and March, you can enjoy their flavour.